Random Openings

Inspired by Rob Donoghue’s great “Getting into Trouble” tables for his quick Fritz Leiber-esque “Two Guys with Swords” game at http://walkingmind.evilhat.com/2010/12/14/two-guys-with-swords/ I offer:


Where you Are Now

  1. On the roof of the tower
  2. A mountain pass, during a storm
  3. Busy marketplace, with suspicious figures in the shadows
  4. The duke’s wine cellar
  5. Wilderness shrine to one of those unusual gods
  6. Bandit country
  7. Burning building
  8. Volcano, which is starting to rumble
  9. Edge of a dark lake, where ripples have disturbed the surface
  10. Backstreets of the city, surrounded by fog


What Brought You to This

  1. A series of poor life choices in the recent past, regarding who to trust
  2. A job went sideways
  3. The captain of the Guard didn’t have a sense of humour
  4. How were you to know that the painting was a counterfeit?
  5. Wandered off the path, whilst drunk
  6. That wizard was quick to anger
  7. Blackmailed with an antidote to a slow poison
  8. A spell backfired, spectacularly
  9. That drunken boast may have been unwise
  10. Misunderstanding regarding the ownership of an idol


How It Is About To Get Worse

  1. Someone delved too greedily and too deep
  2. That ritual chanting probably isn’t a good sign
  3. The creature has your scent
  4. Rising water/gas/lava
  5. That supposedly sure-fire spell you just cast didn’t work as intended
  6. The people surrounding you are holding sharp objects
  7. The dead have risen. Again.
  8. The sun is about to set
  9. Those druids are rather touchy
  10. Huh. Aren’t those things immune to swords?
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