New Year, New Blog – Meanderings Around Games (and other geeky topics)

I’ve been meaning to start keeping a blog for a while, and now that I’m sitting here on Christmas holiday with nothing urgent to do, it seems like a good time to start.

I’m thinking that I will probably use this space to record my thoughts on whatever random topics I’m dwelling on, which will probably mostly be tabletop RPGs.1

I’m going to try to post at least once a fortnight2, I think, and hopefully more often than that. I’m probably going to mostly use it as a place for organise my RPG-related ideas in a chronological and semi-coherent fashion.  I’ll possibly record thoughts about other topics here as well, and maybe use it as a journal of interesting facts etc.

1 There may be footnotes
2 Interesting fact: Apparently the word fortnight comes from the Old English fēowertyne niht meaning fourteen nights, according to:

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